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martes, 21 de julio de 2015

parte del estudio del dr Evan Ellis del SSI, strategic Studies Institute of the USA ARMY.

Moreover, an increasing portion of Venezuela’s production must be diverted to the
People’s Republic of China9 to pay off the $14.5 billion outstanding balance of the $56
billion of loans disbursed to the country during the last 8 years.
Such practices, combined with financial mismanagement, such as importing up to
40,000 barrels of refined gasoline per day to supply essentially for free to the domestic
market, means that the government is rapidly running out of money. As of June 15, 2015,
reported financial bank reserves had fallen below $16.7 million, two-thirds of their level
just 3 months earlier,10 with some analysts suggesting that, when adjusted for the
misreporting of assets, Venezuela’s true noncommitted, liquid reserves were already at
zero, impacting not only the government’s ability to service foreign debt and purchase
factor inputs to run the economy, but also to import basic items such as food and medical